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RentRange® is a premier provider of information in the single-family rental sector, delivering address and market-level rental data, analytics and rent-based valuation solutions for a diverse customer base. Founded by Walter “Wally” Charnoff in 2008, RentRange was created to meet the growing need for rental market data and analytics. Data includes both national MLS coverage and extensive proprietary data that includes historical data back to January 2009. RentRange has become one of the largest and most accurate rental datasets in the industry.

RentRange reports help customers make data-informed decisions about the single-family rental market. The RentRange suite of data solutions includes:

  • Individual Property Reports on specific addresses that provide rent rate estimates and other information to help you invest and manage investment property more wisely
  • Market Metric Reports that reveal average market rents and trends, so you can see the smartest markets for future investment
  • Investor Lists that let you build a targeted marketing list of rental investors based on location, types of properties, and other key criteria
  • Customized Data & Analytics that give you a new perspective of specific properties and markets

Our reports help customers make data-informed rental investment decisions. Whether you’re a real estate investor, appraiser, real estate agent, property manager or lender, RentRange has the data you need to make decisions with confidence.

RentRange is part of the Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. (NASDAQ: ASPS) family of businesses.