Looking for a better way to connect with flippers in your market?


We Can Help!

RentRange, the premier data provider for the SFR investment industry, introduces a new data product created to serve the unique needs of private money lenders like you. This new Flipper List offering leverages our proprietary algorithm to comb through billions of pieces of data and quickly identify nearly every flipper in the United States. Whether you lend in a single city or across the nation, we can provide you with access to millions of potential borrowers. We help private money lenders take the guesswork out of identifying residential property investors so you can focus your efforts on what you do best — lending money.

accessAccess information for over 14,000,000 unique investors in the U.S.

segmentSegment investors based on customizable filters

developDevelop a hyper-targeted marketing strategy built specifically for your ideal customers instead of spending money on traditional advertising with low conversion rates

reduceReduce the time and cost spent researching and performing due diligence, allowing you to market to your target customers sooner

You provide the right product, we provide access to the right customers. Let us show you how the Flipper List can help you grow your business.