Actionable Intelligence for the SFR Rental Industry

In today’s real estate market, financial institutions need actionable intelligence to maximize returns on their REO portfolios.

Consider this scenario: Your institution is in the process of foreclosing on an investment property. To complicate matters, the property is rented. In order to comply with the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, you need to determine the market rate rent. Simply downloading a RentRange® report on that specific property will provide you with high, median and low rental estimates to help you comply with regulations. In addition to giving you an automated rent estimate for the property, you’ll also receive a correlating confidence score on that property’s potential rent rate.

RentRange draws upon multiple, comprehensive databases to provide market and property-specific estimates on the data points that are most relevant to you. These include:

  • Rental and vacancy rates
  • Market strength
  • Comparable listings
  • Historical market performance
  • Trend analysis

Our data helps you mitigate risk and ultimately enables better decision making. Within seconds you can have the data you need to calculate an income approach valuation on almost any property. Your asset manager can easily evaluate each property’s performance and make confident sell, hold and rent decisions.

Whether you need data on one property or one thousand, RentRange provides a quick, easy and affordable way to get the information you need. Better still, you can seamlessly integrate our Application Program Interface (API) into your existing API-capable analysis tools.

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