Reliable Third-Party Documentation for Investment Underwriting

To reduce underwriting risk on investment property loans, lenders need accurate market data and analytics from a trusted independent source. Comprehensive, reliable third-party intelligence not only helps minimize risk, but can also help raise the premium paid when loans are sold to the secondary market.

RentRange®, a recognized leader in rental AVMs, enables you to quickly and economically verify crucial data points needed for underwriting investment property loans, including:

  • Rent rate estimates
  • Vacancy rate estimates
  • Rental rate trends
  • Rental rates of comparable nearby properties
  • Historical market performance

Imagine this scenario: A client considering a loan on an investment property gives you an estimate of the anticipated rent and vacancy rates to justify the cash flow — but you need third party verification. Within seconds, you can run a RentRange Property Report and get comprehensive rent rate estimates for a single property or for an entire portfolio. Let the industry-leading rental market data from RentRange support your underwriting decisions.

Get the necessary data to make more confident loan decisions.

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