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RentRange® Property Reports calculate and provide Automated Rent Estimates that help you to determine the value and rent potential of most single-family and multifamily properties in the U.S.


Rental Estimates for Most Addresses

Using our proprietary algorithm, RentRange can provide an Automated Rent Estimate for your specific property. Let our Property Reports be your own personal rent calculator.

Whether you own, manage or are thinking of buying a rental property, a RentRange Property Report will help you to:

  • Determine the rent rate potential for any property
  • Supplement traditional Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) and appraisals
  • Guide strategies for selling, holding or buying rental properties

In addition to providing monthly rent estimates and confidence scores, these reports provide key information about localized vacancy rates, recent and historical county rent trends and other vital investor metrics to help provide a deeper understanding of the market.

RentRange Property Reports are supported by a comprehensive database of real estate investment properties across the U.S.

In addition to optimizing rents, these reports help to:

  • Determine a more accurate portfolio valuation
  • Gain insight into the market and surrounding region
  • Analyze and predict income and cash flow with greater accuracy

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New Rental Property Analysis Report Key Features

  • A more comprehensive snapshot of available markets, with property-specific vacancy rate estimates and rental saturation benchmarks in the area
  • More extensive data for comparable properties and days on market
  • Historical rent trends at the county and city level for available markets
  • Gross yield data by zip code allows users to compare the performance of the subject’s zip code with others in the surrounding area

How to Purchase A Property Report

Credits are used to purchase RentRange reports.  A single Property Report can be purchased for only four credits and your credits never expire.

Want to purchase more than 1000 credits? Just contact us.

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