The Data You Need To Optimize Return on Investment (ROI)

To optimize your success as a real estate investor, you need to be able to access up-to-date industry data on markets, trends and individual properties.

Whether you’re a veteran investor or just getting started in real estate, RentRange® provides you with the rental market data and analytics you need to make informed decisions. Our extensive database significantly reduces research time by providing a comprehensive set of current and historic market and rental estimates.

With RentRange Property Reports, you can:

  • Optimize your rent rates by gauging your properties against up to ten nearby comparable rentals
  • Calculate a capitalization rate for properties you are targeting
  • Invest with greater confidence by reviewing market vacancy rates, rent rates, and other data
  • Use our reports as a rent calculator to help determine optimal market rental rates
  • Quickly see how any Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), county, city or zip code is performing by reviewing rent rates, vacancy rates, saturation rates and historical performance
  • Determine the types of properties that are providing the best returns in your area
  • Enjoy greater certainty as you review which properties to buy, sell, hold or avoid

Leverage RentRange to make more informed decisions on your investment portfolio.

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